PolAr Synthesizer "'Reaktor"

PolAr Synthesizer

Native Instruments Reaktor synthesizer made to recreate polar winds and air movements typical of the Arctic geographic area and associated weather. Actually in early "Alpha" stage (Version 1.1), its main purpose has already been tested on videos about the Arctic in which a proper and controlled wind noise was needed. https://youtu.be/XqMTonjGsq8 PolAr synthesizer includes a … Continue reading PolAr Synthesizer

Ursus Maritimus - Arctic

Ursus Maritimus

https://youtu.be/gh2X53XunNo Sound Design made to show the life of Polar Bears (Ursus Maritimus) and their needs for protection. Longyearbyen 9633 Sound Design can create the audio for your next project, pricing depends on the complexity of the music and/or sound fx, lenght and delivery date. Feel free to contact us: 9633sounddesign@gmail.com