PAR84 Spotlight

PAR84 Spotlight

Not so much related to sound design or audio recording but quite interesting anyway... On Monday morning, I was on my way to work, it was snowing, I suddenly saw that someone has put there in the middle of a street... 3 PAR84 spotlights and I was very frustrated that I didn't had the time … Continue reading PAR84 Spotlight

Pré-vox Mix 900 (DIN Mixer)

Pré-Vox Mix 900

A truly old school mixer actually used to prepare "Lost In Time" DJ mix made from K7 tapes and more generally to keep under hands any vintage gear equipped with DIN connections. I've found that mixer at Cash Converters, a second hand shop and paid only 3,90 euros! The mixer offers 6 DIN inputs : … Continue reading Pré-Vox Mix 900

Nikon D 3100

Nikon D 3100 – Lens Comparaison

To document places and stuff I record with the Zoom H5 and various microphones or even to just enjoy the practice of Photography, I bought myself a second hand entry level DSLR from Nikon, the D 3100 model that I got for a very cheap price along a polyvalent lens. I was lucky enough to … Continue reading Nikon D 3100 – Lens Comparaison

Philips EL 3782/00

Tape Aesthetics / Lost In Time

"Tape Aesthetics" has become "Lost In Time "! As promised in "Tape Aesthetics" post, the very best way to let you hear my random findings on K7 tapes was to create some sort of a DJ Mix / Radio Show. This very first episode "A Side" is some kind of a test. If people like … Continue reading Tape Aesthetics / Lost In Time

SuperEar SE 5000

SuperEar SE5000

Personal sound amplifier by Sonic Technology Products Inc. SuperEar SE 5000 An unusual tool I've found this week at a second hand shop. There is a mini-jack output to connect a headphone or earphones or... A mini-jack cable that goes straight into the ZOOM H5 🙂 It has a sound of it's own, the microphone … Continue reading SuperEar SE5000

Philips EL 3782/00 Microphone

Philips EL 3782/00 Microphone

Second review on the blog and this time, we're going back in the 60's to discover an amazing product from Philips (Netherlands)... The Philips EL 3782/00 is a "low-homic electrodynamic directional microphone" that was basically used with the Philips Reel To Reel tape recorder/player EL 3549. The microphone is small and it has such an … Continue reading Philips EL 3782/00 Microphone

Bang & Olufsen K7 Tape

Tape Aesthetics

If you read this blog regularly (it actually get more readers than subscribers), you've certainly noticed that I deleted posts about "Tape Aesthetics". The reason is pretty simple, since the K7/Tapes I like to record and share are full of copyrighted material, files are flagged on MediaFire and become unavailable for download... So, I had … Continue reading Tape Aesthetics

iPhone Handset

The Phone!

First real review on the blog and it's about a funny tool! Nothing high-end or high quality audio related but a piece of gear I randomly found and got for a very low price. Basically, it's a phone handset that was supposed to be connected to older iPhone models, those still equipped with a mini-jack … Continue reading The Phone!

iPhone 7


We all love our smartphones! Maybe because it's a professional tool that helps keeping track of contacts, business or activities... Maybe for some others it's a source of entertainment and fun... Anyway, these little computers are daily with us everywhere we go and whatever we're doing! Whatever the brand and model of your choice, your … Continue reading Ringtones

Clippy XLR EM172, Matched Stereo Pair

Clippy XLR EM172 Matched Stereo Pair

For Sound Design and recording needs, I bought a matched stereo pair of Clippy EM172 microphones (FC062). Clippy XLR EM172, Matched Stereo Pair I tested them quickly and "Oh my god"!!! I never owned such a precise microphone, it's amazing to hear the resulting recording full of sounds my ears can't even notice if I'm … Continue reading Clippy XLR EM172 Matched Stereo Pair