To follow with my previous post about the Zoom H1 update along a few tips and tricks, I’ve been searching for some similar videos but specifically for the Zoom H5.

To my surprise, I didn’t found anything truly relevant in terms of “tips and tricks”…

So, I decided to compile the official Zoom videos about the Zoom H5 since it is for me handy to have them on the blog in case I forgot a function but also simply because I love my Zoom H5 and could not resist to make a post about it!

I actually own/use this recorder since one year and I must say it is one of the best invest I ever did. From DJ sets recorded out of the DJ mixer to every kind of microphones I can put my hands on, the Zoom H5 always does a great job.

It is a lovely piece of gear, polyvalent and definitely affordable for that category of recording equipment but still offering pro recording options.

Highly advised!

9633 Sound Design can create the audio for your next project, pricing depends on the complexity of the music and/or sound fx, lenght and delivery date.

Feel free to contact us:

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