Yesterday, I wanted to update the firmware of my Zoom H1 to version 2.1 and I must say the processus was easy and quick! I downloaded the zip file from Zoom website, uncompressed it into a folder and copied the “.bin” file to the Zoom H1 microSDHC.

This 2.1 update allows me to use the Zoom H1 as a sound card on my Apple MacBookPro like his bigger brother, the Zoom H5.

I can use the X/Y microphone or the line input and even if I use an Apogée One (first generation) sound card on a daily basis, it was definitely an option I did not want to miss!

I also updated my 4 GB microSDHC card to a 16 GB model and now, I can record up to 7 hours and 20 minutes of audio at 24 bits / 96 KHz!

Then, when everything was done and working well, I wanted to see on YouTube if some more upgrades or tips & tricks was eventually available and, to my surprise, the Zoom H1 is that kind of small tool people have a fun time to “customise” and some even goes straight in the “DIY” area…

Let’s have a look!


Power is the fight of our age! Smartphones, connected watches, cameras, recorders… It’s just a pure nightmare to go out of power, out of nowhere, after hours waiting for that particular thing you wish to capture… Quite amazing to know that the Zoom H1 can run on a USB powerbank !!!


Unlike the Zoom H5, the Zoom H1 doesn’t record a backup file at a lower volume… On a professional demand, it can be a real problem. With this easy DIY attenuator, you’ll attenuate right side recording minus 18 dB !!!

Another approach :

3 – XLR Inputs

Even as top notch as the Zoom H1 is, any pro level microphone will come with a XLR connection and that particular connection is missing on the Zoom H1.

For around 15 dollars, something like 12 euros, there is a quite nice way to customise your Zoom H1 in order to accept XLR input !!!

4 – Frequenycy Response

If many of us would be fine with recordings from the Zoom H1 integrated microphones or whatever microphones one may plug as an input, the Zoom H1 is still an entry level recorder and when it comes to sound design or professional recording, some corrective EQ might be necessary… Here is an interesting video for those who wants to go deep !!

I’ve been quite amazed to find so much videos about how to improve the Zoom H1 or even help this amazing recorder to reach levels it was not made for! Hopefully, I’ll find some more about the Zoom H5 and will post my findings here for sure.

9633 Sound Design can create the audio for your next project, pricing depends on the complexity of the music and/or sound fx, lenght and delivery date.

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