Not so much related to sound design or audio recording but quite interesting anyway…

On Monday morning, I was on my way to work, it was snowing, I suddenly saw that someone has put there in the middle of a street… 3 PAR84 spotlights and I was very frustrated that I didn’t had the time to take them back home and go back to work.

When my day at work ended, I took the same street on my way back home and surprise! The three PAR84 spotlights were still there!

On Tuesday evening, I removed all the electrical parts since it’s has been in contact with water/snow… Then, I painted the 3 PAR84 spotlights with a nice mat black to give them back a good look.

My plan is to add a powerful / low consumption led lights inside them and use them in different places of my home including the studio, the DJ booth and maybe the living room…

To follow…


I already made one and it works very well!

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