Personal sound amplifier by Sonic Technology Products Inc.

SuperEar SE 5000
SuperEar SE 5000

An unusual tool I’ve found this week at a second hand shop.

There is a mini-jack output to connect a headphone or earphones or… A mini-jack cable that goes straight into the ZOOM H5 🙂

It has a sound of it’s own, the microphone sounds clear and the amplifier works very nicely. Also the microphone can be turned on a 180° angle.

I plan to record very low signal sounds with this tool, along the Clippy EM172, results in terms of Sound Design should be very cool and a pleasure to work with.

Technical specifications :

SE5000 Complete Amplifier with Swivel Microphone

Crystal clear stereo amplification of ambient sounds up to 50+ dB

CMS MDS 3.0 and ADA compliant

Product link

9633 Sound Design can create the audio for your next project, pricing depends on the complexity of the music and/or sound fx, lenght and delivery date.

Feel free to contact us:

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