Second review on the blog and this time, we’re going back in the 60’s to discover an amazing product from Philips (Netherlands)…

The Philips EL 3782/00 is a “low-homic electrodynamic directional microphone” that was basically used with the Philips Reel To Reel tape recorder/player EL 3549.

The microphone is small and it has such an amazing look! Very vintage… It’s mostly made of plastic with a metallic face, there is a switch on the back labelled “+/-” to choose between music recording (+) or voice recording (-), you can position the microphone on a table using the included support or attach it to a compatible tripod. The audio is provided with a 3 pins DIN cable.

I really love its look and it gives me so much envy to record a podcast using this microphone!

But? How does it sounds?

The DIN to jack adaptor I have is old and generate a background noise, I’m pretty sure it’s the faulty element because the voice recording is clear and precise for a microphone dating back to the 60’s and my adaptor makes even more noise when I touch it…

I’ll find a new one and record again a test very soon!

Here you’ll hear my voice with voice setting (-), then my voice with music setting (+) and finally some music coming out of the speakers with music setting (+).

I’m looking forward to come back on this one microphone with original clean sound…

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