If you read this blog regularly (it actually get more readers than subscribers), you’ve certainly noticed that I deleted posts about “Tape Aesthetics”.

The reason is pretty simple, since the K7/Tapes I like to record and share are full of copyrighted material, files are flagged on MediaFire and become unavailable for download…

So, I had to think about another solution to share with my audience some of these amazing music discoveries and I’ve realised that the best solution was the most easiest one at all… A DJ Mix or “patchwork” of the various nice parts out of these K7/Tapes.

1- You’ll get only the very best of whatever I’ve found on the K7/Tapes and will not have to listen to everything in order to hear some little diamonds and pearls…

2- I protect myself from being a dangerous hacker providing music recorded on old K7/Tapes to a world who is starving for badly recorded songs and albums…

3- Having a DJ Mix or “patchwork” hosted somewhere is way more easy to share and save for later.

I hope you’ll follow this series called “Tape Aesthetics” and will enjoy the music I’ve found randomly and in all possible styles and genres… The first “patchwork” is coming very soon 😉

9633 Sound Design can provides you with DJ performances for events, exhibitions, art projects… Pricing depends on the capacity, complexity and nature of the event..

Feel free to contact us: 9633sounddesign@gmail.com

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