First real review on the blog and it’s about a funny tool!

Nothing high-end or high quality audio related but a piece of gear I randomly found and got for a very low price.

Basically, it’s a phone handset that was supposed to be connected to older iPhone models, those still equipped with a mini-jack port for earphones and, as only a few know, that same mini-jack used as a Mic In.

Here is a recording of my own voice using the handset connected to an iPhone SE (1 st Generation) and the Apple App “Voice Memos”.

This item has no brand or model number and it is most likely a gadget “Made In China” but there are still ways to use it…

First in Sound Design applications… The internal cheap microphone has its very own sound, good or bad, it’s different from any microphones I may have around. A low quality recording going through filters, EQ’s and compressors could finally sounds exactly as wanted to emulate old phones and voice textures…

It could be used in a DJ set… Let’s say I have a performance outside at a BBQ or a cocktail with friends, end of the afternoon or early evening… Playing house music… I could just do some kind of homage to Terrence Parker from Detroit who often play with a phone handset…

The handset is definitely minimal, made of black rubber plastic with only a +/- volume setting and a button for calls.

I saw many handsets for iPhone when it was a popular thing but all of them was very childish with fluorescent colors or logos and brand names.

This one is particularly nice looking without anything on it!

So, to me, it’s a quite rare item to keep around.

Dimitri Pike

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