We all love our smartphones! Maybe because it’s a professional tool that helps keeping track of contacts, business or activities… Maybe for some others it’s a source of entertainment and fun… Anyway, these little computers are daily with us everywhere we go and whatever we’re doing!

Whatever the brand and model of your choice, your phone should reflect who you are or what you’re doing.

All modern smartphones allows their owners to personalize the experience with wallpapers, favorites or most used apps and some more special functions depending on which operating system is installed.

A common point to all smartphones and operating systems is… Ringtones!

How paradoxical it is to spend time configuring your smartphone in every details reflecting your own way to use it to finally sound exactly the same as any stranger in your daily commute bus, train or even plane?

It’s always surprising to see people with the best wallpapers, the most cool looking cover/case, the best earphones and… The awful standard ringtone?

Think about it… How classy it is to be in a crowd, at work, at a bar… Your phone is ringing… But the sound and melody is fully adapted to you, your business or even the sport you practice? Everyone can hear your phone ringing but no one will reach out to their pockets and their phones since the ringtone is so personal that they just look at you and are like “wahou… his/her phone just sounds different”…

9633 Sound Design can create complete sets of tones, alarms and ringtones fully inspired by your company, your passion, your sport… Everything is possible!

Here are four ringtones examples with explanations:


Corporate is a very dynamic, short and business inspired ringtone. Nothing fancy or melodic because it would sounds bad in a business meeting or during a job interview (note that during a job interview, your phone should be on silent mode). So, this ringtone was designed to be very tight, serious but still different from the many standard ringtones.


Not so far away from Detroit (USA), the city of Kalamazoo is home of the Black Nation Records label, managed by Jay Denham and providing a sound that is definitely “Detroit” in its roots but with a little something special, something typical… So, this ringtone was designed to sounds like one of their records.


When the sun meets the rain… A natural phenomena occurs. The rainbow and its colors, a moment between wet and dry, something you can’t touch, something that is just for your yes to enjoy… So, this ringtone was designed to sounds like that moment where it’s still wet all around but the Sun is coming and will shine for your enjoyment!


This ringtone is a very personal one… I was born on 02 August 1977 and it’s a moment I can’t forget since it’s on all of my papers but I don’t have any picture of that precise moment in my mind… Right? So, this ringtone was designed to call back a memory but a memory that does not really exist! It has to be dreamy and somehow melancholic…

These four examples should let you hear how personal a ringtone can be. In terms of sound design, it’s a complex exercice since it is far from easy to create a so short sound clip with so much intensity and inspiration!

9633 Sound Design can create full packs of ringtones, alarms and interactive sounds, pricing is fixed – 200 Euros – Full Pack – One to two weeks delivery.

Feel free to contact us: 9633sounddesign@gmail.com

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