For Sound Design and recording needs, I bought a matched stereo pair of Clippy EM172 microphones (FC062).

Clippy XLR EM172, Matched Stereo Pair
Clippy XLR EM172, Matched Stereo Pair

I tested them quickly and “Oh my god”!!!

I never owned such a precise microphone, it’s amazing to hear the resulting recording full of sounds my ears can’t even notice if I’m not fully concentrated.

I’ll have soon interesting recordings to share but to give you an idea, these microphones are not “electromagnetic” like those I introduced in a previous post but I tried to place them on my MacBook Pro and I could hear the internal noises! Of course in a different way than with dedicated “electromagnetic” microphones but it gives you some insight on how sensitive they are…

It’s a pleasure to work with gear of such a high quality level.

Clippy XLR EM172, Matched Stereo Pair
Clippy XLR EM172, Matched Stereo Pair

They can be used as lavaliers microphones of course but their working range is way more larger than that and they could be attached to a mountain bike in order to record every sounds the bike is making, as an example.


Superb High Sensitivity Low Noise Electret Microphone

Quality Black Aluminium Housing

Strong Secure Clip

Neutrik Gold Plated XLR

High Strength Flexible 1.5 meter Shielded Cable


Microphone Capsule : Primo EM172-Z1

Acoustic Principle : Electret Condenser

Directional Pattern : Non (Omni) Directional

Frequency Range : 60 Hz to 18 kHz

Output Impedance : 2.4 K ohms

Signal to Noise Ratio : 80 dB

Clipping SPL : 119 dB SPL at 1 kHz

Sensitivity : -28 dB +:- 3 dB at 1 kHz

Dynamic Range : 105 dB

Power Requirement : Phantom Power (12/48V)

Current Consumption : 0.9 mA

Cable : Shielded Mogami 2697 Cable

Output Connector : XLR Male Gold Plated

9633 Sound Design can create the audio for your next project, pricing depends on the complexity of the music and/or sound fx, lenght and delivery date.

Feel free to contact us:

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