Many formats are today considered “obsolete” and it’s not an easy task to find the right player and/or recorder to archive older audio recordings.

9633 Sound Design believes in every kind of medias/supports and keep an arsenal of old school/vintage gear used especially for digital archiving.

Here is an example of an analog tape recording archived in .WAV

Brother Jack McDuff – Rock Candy

Recorded from analog tape, using a Grundig TK 220 Deluxe. Audio recording cleaned, light EQ/Compression, normalized, rendered at 16 bits/44.1 Khz.

Supports actually ready for digital archiving:

Vinyl (33/45 RPM)

K7 Tape


Analog Tape (Up to 7 inch)

K7 VHS (Audio only)



Supports to be added next for digital archiving:

Analog Tape (up to 10,5 inch)


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